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Plate Bending Machine, Plate Rolling Machine

Plate Bending Machine, Plate Rolling Machine
W12NC-8x2500 4 Roll Plate Roller

Max.Thk. of bending plate(mm)8
Thk. of pre-bending6
Width of bending plate2500
Effective length of the rollers(mm)2550
Yield Strength of Plate(MPa)235
Min. reel dia. with max.size(mm)500
Diameter of RollerUpper(mm)250
Induction Hardened RollYES
Roll Profilecrown
Lifting Modehydraulic
Lifting Synchronous Precise/Accuracy±(mm)0.2
All Bearing BrandSelf aligning roller bearing
Conical Bending DeviceYES
Driving ModeMotor + reducer
Control SystemControl ModeNC
Display of position & displacementLCD
Electrical Part SystemSIEMNENS
Plate Bending Speed(m/min)about 3.5
Descending/Ascending Speed of bottom roller(mm/min)About 160
Descending/Ascending Speed of side roller(mm/min)About 260
Main Power Motor(KW)7.5
Hydraulic SystemMax. Working Pressure(MPa)22
Electrical & Hydraulic Protection Againts OverloadYES
Construction Steel MaterialQ235
Side Support for Big Sheet Metal Diametersoptional
Central Support for Big sheet Metal Diametersoptional
Feeding Tableoptional
Oil Cooler Systemoptiona

W12NC-8x2500 4 Roll Plate Roller


The W12NC-8x2500 4 Roll Plate Roller can pre-bend the sides of plate, feed steel plate just one time, don’t need to return can to pre-bend the sides of plate, and roll the plate. The up roller is the main drive roller, the down rollers and side roller use hydraulic drive to do elevate movement. And controlled by computer to up or down, horizontal adjust automatic, show by screen, the synchromesh accuracy attached ±0.2mm. Turnover and resume of flip-bearing used hydraulic to drive. Installed balance system on the ends of up roller, so it’s easy to unload work piece.

Adopt mobile independence operator table, so can operator at any time and any place, the machine has safety interlock device. For a world it has high technology, overall function, high accuracy and easy to operator. So it’s the model rolling machine, it’s the first choice in energy, transport, fossil oil, chemical, shipbuilding, steel and some other industries.

This machine composed of four working rollers, left and right rack of machine, base board, rolling rhombus tube function, turnover part, device part, sensor part, hydraulic system, electrical system and so on.

The Bending Machine maximum capacity maximum the thickness (pre-bending thickness), the maximum coil width, rolled sheet material and maximum specifications four main parameters determining the minimum roll diameter work four parameters variable mutual conversion between aircraft conversion relationship in the random manual provided to the user, for the user to more reasonable use of equipment.

The aircraft can be rolled tapered workpiece. Coiled conical workpiece, since the single-end by a larger force, thus requiring the tapered workpiece rolled for 60% of the device capability. Rolled conical taper of the workpiece is generally not more than 30 °. But with plate slab width decreases, the equipment load is reduced, taper increase accordingly.


The machine belongs to hydraulic 4-rollers rolling machine, be used to roll plate sheet into cylinder shape, Up roller is fixed, the bottom roller and two side rollers can move up and down.

The up and down rollers are main driving rollers, the two side rollers are assisstant rollers.

The up and down rollers are used to pre-bend the plate sheet.

Upward and downward, the side rollers are forming the shape.

Plate Rolling Machine
W12NC-8x2500 Plate Rolling Machine
Accessories brand
Display screen:
Electrical components:
Oil cylinder:
Hydraulic valve:
"YUKEN" from Japan
Encoder/Motion detector: 
Seal ring:
"NOK" from Japan

W12NC-8x2500 4 Roll Plate Roller body from the base, a fixed side frame and the tip side of the rack, and each part is steel welded structure.Were fixed with bolts on both sides of the rack in the base and sides of the rack will be used to connect beams connected to rigidity good.Both sides of the rack up roller and side rollers with movement of rail, fixed on the side of the rack with roller bearing for half of the closed frame structure, has overturned overturned side rack shelf support devices. Coil force in the process of both sides of the rack by the bear from the base not only supports the weight of the machine to ensure the accuracy of the role of equipment, but also enables a torque between the drive and chassis balance, and will join into one machine. In the now traditional large-scale four-roller bending machine body and the main gear is separate from the base installation.

Plate Roller
W12NC-8x2500 4 Roll Plate Roller
ModelMax.rolling thickness(mm) Max.pre-rolling thickness(mm)  Plate width(mm) Diameter of upper roller(mm)  Main motor power(kw)