Hydraulic Four Roller Steel Rolling Machine

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A. Characteristics
B. Applications
C. Video
Ⅰ. Summarize
Ⅱ. Main technical data
Ⅲ. Structure and main parts
1. The main structure
2. The main transmission mechanism
3. The auxiliary transmission
4、overturn device
Ⅳ. Operation Procedure and Method
1. Preparations
2. Feed
3. Clamp the plate and pre-bend the end
4. Pre-bend the other end of the plate
5. The initial bending
6. Forming bending
7. Remove the work piece
Ⅴ. Electric system
5-1 electrical parameters
5-2 electrical theory
Ⅵ. Machine lubrication
6-1. Lubrication way
6-2. The choice of lube oil
6-3. Lubrication system and announcements
Ⅶ. Installation and commissioning
7-1. Installation of the machine
7-2. Commissioning
7-3. Load test
Ⅷ. Safe operation and maintenance
8-1. Safe operation matters
8-2. Machine maintenance
Ⅸ. Daily inspection

hydraulic sheet bending machine

Hydraulic four roller steel rolling machine(hydraulic bending machine) is one of the most reliable machine manufacturing industry. It is a universal machine. This Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine can be developed more paragraphs, o-type, square, circular arc, arc, can also configure the man-machine dialogue CNC system, A high degree of automation. Hydraulic bending machine(Hydraulic Rolling Machine) system of 6-200mm plate thickness thickness of four roller bending machine.
The 4 roll plate bender structure is four roller, on the main transmission, through the reducer output gear and the upper roller gear mesh, to provide torque for the roll. The lower roller is used for vertical lifting movement, and the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder is used for obtaining the piston and the clamping plate is used for the hydraulic transmission; The Hydraulic four roller plate bending machine has the advantages that the pre bending and the winding of the end part of the plate can be carried out on the same equipment.



4-roller plate bending machine has double-end pre-bending function.
The bending process is much safer and more reliable than other types of rolling equipment.
For the clamping force to plate between upper roll and bottom roll, the corresponding force can be adjusted by regulating valve in hydraulic station, according to different thickness and width of plates.
The upper and the bottom rolls of this rolling equipment work as the main drive.
There are side rolls on both sides of upper and bottom rolls. The side roll makes arc lift along with axes of bottom roll. When side roll moves upward, the bending plate will be bent and formed.
The bottom roll of this 4-roller plate bending machine lifts vertically. It can realize asymmetric bending.


CSM 4-roller plate bending machine is often used for pipelines onshore and offshore, storage tanks, steel structures for platforms and wind turbines.
Our 4-roller plate bending machines can be applied to shipyards (from bending ship hulls to production of submarine hulls), marine and storage tank construction (stationary storage tanks, reactor tanks, mobile tanks for road and rail).
Hydraulic Four Roller Steel Rolling Machine is applicable for automotive industry (motors for wipers and starters, bushing for engine housing and axles, parts for catalytic converters, HGV (High Goods Vehicle) fuel tanks, transport tanks for liquids and fluids).
This Hydraulic Four Roller Steel Rolling Machine is suitable for boiler and heat exchanger production, bending work on reactor assemblies and steel structures (section bending, pipe construction, cone and dome).



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